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Evolution & Breakthrough 2018 Catering and Retail Leaders Cocreation Summit

Time: 22nd November 2018

Venue: Function Hall C / CNCC

Attendees: ab.200

The importance of the conference is based on catering industry entering the data-driven era as well as the era of refinement service. In the future, it will transform the five-in-one “New Catering” era, which will integrate five concepts together: Online Operation, Data-driven, Standardized Business Model, Brand Awareness, and Take-out Services. Driven by these industry trends, the conference participants will discuss how to: further improve the supply and transportation chain of food and beverage materials; enhance the supply quality and operational efficiency of the catering industry; promote the high-quality innovation competence of specialty catering; create a new business model for specialty catering and last but not least, how to lead the catering industry to a new high level?

Keynote Speeches as below,

New Thoughts on Catering Hot Sale Strategy (Speaker: Zhang Yaqing, Chairman of Wangshunge Catering Group)

The development path of the Chinese food chain (Speaker: Hu Jia, General Manager of Shandong Kairui Commercial Group)

The development of catering new brands (Speaker: the Ex-president of Xijiade University)

TBC (Speaker: Shi Xiaoming, Chairman of the Food delivery committee of CHA , founder of Shanghai Jizhi Union)

TBC (Speaker: Ou Feng, Vice President of Shanghai Huachen Longdefeng Group)

The strategy of high-end talents for new catering industry (Speaker: Yu Xiaohong, Chairman of NUS e Union)

Finance Helps New Catering into New Future (Speaker: Lang Lang, Marketing Director, Beijing Haofu Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Roundtable Dialogue: New Retail Road for Brand Catering Products

About China Hospitality Association

China Hospitality Association is a national social organization which is composed of various trade associations, enterprises and institutions, related industrial chain institutions and management personnel. The registration authority of the Council is the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the party's leading organ is the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the state council. The association actively implements the five major development concepts and takes "developing high-quality restaurant and catering industry" as our main task. It has constructed five service systems to advance the upgrading of the industry consumption, the Internet+, the new development of the Belt and Road, and to promote the transformation of the industry into quality first and efficiency first thus to build a better life.

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