Sweets and snacks market has been expanding rapidly, in the speed which is 20% higher than other food categories. With the increase of disposable income of residents and the upgrade of the consumption structure, people are paying more attention to living quality. The rapidly increasing number of citizens provides more developing space for sweets and snacks market. Snacks are a lively product, along with its huge potential market. In these years, with the development of "otaku" culture, which means nerds and geek, snacks and sweets have been a consuming trend in the 80s and 90s generations. Sweets and snacks are no longer for the child, moreover, we can see these in our home, office, theatre, KTV and any other leisure place.

ANUFOOD China Sweet and Snacks booth are based on the abundant basis and resources of Sweets and Snacks China, the exhibits cover more than 40% in the exhibition. Compiling with major European and Southeast Asia countries, which import sweets and snacks to China, and many Chinese sweet and snacks manufacturers and import-export agents, ANUFOOD China Sweet and Snacks booth attracts lots of mature buyers from E-commerce platform and distributing enterprise.

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