ANUFOOD China Roadshows: 4 weeks, 8 cities, to Cultivate Northern Food Market

To further its cultivation to northern China Market, ANUFOOD China will hold series of roadshows in 8 cities from June to July 2017. It aims to promote international and domestic  exhibitors through cities with focus on food import, and to take advantage of the local media for promotion.

Partnered with the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce, China Cuisine Association, China Hotel Association, China Chain Store & Franchise Association, and local commerce bureau and association, organiser will invite local enterprises, distributors, markets, hotels and media representative to participate in the events.

Seize its strength, discover its potential
Roadshows in 8 northern cities and 4 weeks, shall tap into respective cities’ advantages and market potential:

Zhengzhou - It bases on the new Eurasian Continental Bridge railway transportation advantage (consisted main part of the original Silk Road). It covers food trading channels to Russia, Poland, Germany, Holland, and other important food export countries. Zhengzhou will play the key role for mid-west economy growth.

Xi’an - It’s the start of the Silk Road from the east, with influence over mid west region. Annual growth rate for food import accelerate in recent years. There are 52 ethnic minority groups in this city, which makes it an ideal city for halal and Kosher certified food trade, as well as beef and mutton.

Shenyang - It’s located in the Northeast Asian economic zone and Bohai economic rim. It remains its strong food demand on import food. With US, Germany, Japan, France, South Korean and other embassies resides in the city, international trading has shown steady growth. It has become a gateway to north east Market.

Dalian - It is the most important port city in the three northeastern provinces of China. It’s also the gateway to Beijing and Tianjin, which is economically developed with high level of consumer power. It is adjacent to Japan, South & North Korea, and the Far East of Russia. It is also an important market for South Korean and Japanese food consumption!

Jinan - It’s China top food production city in Shandong Province. It’s located to the south of the capital economic circle, and north of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle. It is an important hub for food distribution.That brings together a large number of important imported food distributors, and covers throughout the Shandong area.

Qingdao - As the economy power house and largest city in Shandong Province, it is located in the frontier of China-Japan-Korea Free-Trade Area. It attracts a large number of importers for Korean food. It is the earliest important port for Korean food to enter the Chinese market. Not only annual Tsingtao Beer Festival  brings significant amount of German beer importers, but also seafood industry is highly developed in the city.

Tianjing - Being China’s first free trade zone in north, and Beijing’s port for import food, one may find a large number of food importers, especially German beer and food. Key prepackaged food  and meat importers can also be found here.

Shijiazhuang - As a XL size city in North, it has unique geographical advantages and influence to entire Hebei Province. It’s also one of the green agricultural bases in North China. It has long history for exporting agricultural products to international markets. Here is also the city where many important food importers resides. Many Southeast Asian specialties are distributed throughout the country in Shijiazhuang.

Synchronised events promotion to maximise public awareness
Through the series of roadshows in 8 cities, ANUFOOD China amplifies its influence to the north region, and tighten its relationship with food importers, distributors, supermarkets, hotel, restaurant and food & beverage related media.

The positive result of the norther cities roadshow is fore-seeable. Reinforced by media, association and social network platform cross-channels, ANUFOOD China 2017 edition guarantee its visitors’ participation, and the unprecedented success this year!

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About the Organizers
The China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA) represents 6,000 members and has strong influence in China’s food industry. Members include local manufacturers, as well as importers, agents and distributors of imported food. CFNA is the authoritative voice in China in regard to food industry information and regulations.
The China Cuisine Association (CCA), a national guild of catering industry, is officially authorized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC and established in 1987. CCA is voluntarily formed by groups and individuals engaged in the catering industry, education and research. Supported by the Government, members and F&B associations of the respective provinces, CCA has been actively serving the industry, enterprises, societies as well as individuals since its inception. CCA has made great contributions to the promotion of Chinese cuisine in the areas of event organization, industrial discipline, resource integration, organizational rights, business coordination, international exchange and talent cultivation.
Koelnmesse - Global Competence in Food and FoodTec: Koelnmesse is an international leader in organising food fairs and events regarding food and beverages processing. Trade fairs such as the Anuga, ISM and Anuga FoodTec are established world leaders. Koelnmesse not only organises food trade fairs in Cologne, Germany, but also in further growth markets around the globe, for example, in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Thailand, the United States and the United Arab Emirates, which have different focuses and contents. These global activities enable us to offer our customers a network of events, which in turn grant access to different markets and thus create a basis for sustainable and stable international business.
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